"Now offering"

Microblade "3D" Eyebrows

 Extensive European training.

Great permanent makeup doesn't happen by chance... it happens by appointment,

call Deanna.



Tattoo Removal In Tucson

Tattoo Vanish(R)

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Less expensive

50%-75% Less Treatments Than Laser

Less Pain (I Constantly Numb Area)


and IT REALLY WORKS! I am the only Tattoo Vanish Technician in Tucson.


Have your Permanent Make Up 

designed and applied by an

"Artist Not An Amateur".

A select few in the Permanent Make up industry have the "gift" of making the application of Permanent Eyeliner,

Eyebrows and Lips an Art....

Deanna is one. 

She is the only Artist doing

 Micro blade 3-D Eyebrows and non-laser tattoo removal in Tucson.

" I Do What I Love And I Love What I Do"....I Never Work A Day In My Life!!

Make Up





Sola Salons

(Across from Park Mall)

5855 E Broadway (Suite 10)

Tucson, Arizona

Phone  (520)303-7025


Welcome to my website!

I take great pride in my work. Every client's face is my individual palette, I am an Artist. I begin with your facial features and I create a work of art ​that enhances your natural beauty. Permanent Make up can have such a subtle look that even your family and friends will not notice unless you tell them, or so dramatic you won't need additional  makeup. I understand that we all have a certain look we want to achieve. I take time to listen to your needs so I can help you get the results you came to me for. 
My goal is to create  a more beautiful you.
 My work,without a doubt is my passion. I am a well -trained, meticulous patient Artist. I have the skills to perform all procedures with exquisite results.
I'm the only Non- Laser Tattoo removal in Tucson. If you are looking for tattoo removal in Tucson you need to call Deanna. I'm knowledgeable of equipment, sterilization and color blending, which comes with experience and artistry.  I use only clean and sterile techniques and adhere to strict medical standards. I say, "I never work a day in my life", I have discovered my "unique artistic talent" in the Permanent Make up, Industry “ Clients say I have changed their lives forever and have taken years off their face's! You wouldn't believe the difference a set of eyebrows, a little eyeliner or some lip color can make on a persons face ! "The eyes are the window to our souls", and windows without window treatments look drab, dreary and unattractive."The changes my art work do for my clients makes my job that much more rewarding!" call for yuour consiltation today!

A few words about me

Wake Up With

Micro blade Eyebrows


(Touch-up not included)

$100.00 cash non-refundable deposit required to book all Micro blade appointments. Deposit goes towards procedure and is revoked if you cancel.  

 Lasting Impressions

Permanent Make Up and Non-Laser Tattoo Removal  in Tucson 

"Hey You Makeup" Clients: 

Corina West has left the industry and I have her clients records,

Please call to schedule an appointment ! 

Sola Salon Studios

  Why all the Butterflies?

I lost my beautiful daughter "Celeste"  on August 30, 2012. 

I wanted to keep her memory

alive by allowing her spirit to

flow freely throughout my life.

I created this website and wanted

to put a special memory in it

of her,. When I see a butterfly

I feel her spirit. So while you go through the pages of my website

on every page I have left a little butterfly in her memory ....

Celeste Marie Martinez

8/3/83 ***** 8/30/12