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NON-Laser Tattoo Removal 

Less expensive than laser

About 50% - 75% less treatments than laser

Removes ALL colors


I am the only Tattoo Vanish(R) Technician in Tucson.


Deanna Martinez

Permanent Makeup Artist



Permanent  Makeup is my passion!

 I came from a long line of artists. My mother was a sculptress, her work was displayed in Art Galleries in Southern Utah. My sister is a Goldsmith and my 2 other sisters both have musical talent, which is truly an art! I don't have an ounce of music talent in me!) I have a brother but the "Artist Bug" missed him,
the "Brain Bug" bit him instead....He is a Psychologist. I was raised in Southern Arizona and relocated to California then to Pennsylvania . I returned to
Arizona because I love the heat.
Through my work as a designer for trade shows I was able to display my creativity by designing award winning exhibits. My medium is acrylic paint, Throughout the years I painted everything from furniture to pumpkins. At present I paint all different kinds of eye-wear (reading glasses, sunglasses, bifocal sun glasses and fit over sunglasses. They are sold on my Etsy website:www.art4yourglasses@etsy.com.Boutiques in the area carry them and I also
sell them at various Art Shows in both Arizona, Pennsylvania and next year
I will be in Texas .
 I attended the Gemological Institute and became a jeweler. I was a natural  at
my craft, as I enjoy the detail and creativity in it. After having my own
permanent makeup done years ago I realized that I would not only enjoy doing this, I was confident I had the ability to be exceptional at it. (Anyone can learn Permanent Makeup, it takes an artist with attention to detail, discipline, patience, a good amount of perfectionism along with skill to excel at it.) With my love of art, a background in design, and creativity I knew I had found my niche.
​ The application of permanent Makeup allows me to use my natural artistic abilities, knowing that both the client and I will be pleased with the final result, is a feeling unlike any other! The final result shown in my finished work is a client in  which my beautiful art work has not only improved their looks, it raised their self esteem and gave them a sense of self confidence. I am content with knowing that I contributed to the Client feeling better about themselves.
I specialize in the micro pigmentation of Eyeliner, Brow Color, Lip Liner, Full Lip Color and Paramedical services. I am a certified  "Tattoo Vanish" Tattoo Removal Technician. This is an organic tattoo removal process that even removes black and is less painful and less expensive than laser. Tattoo Vanish requires less
treatments too. I am a trained Spray Tan "Extraordinaire" in which I use only
​ organic Tanning Solution. My solution will never turn you orange. I believe in using only the best products because "you get what you pay for". I am trained annually in  Blood-borne Pathogens. I am committed to excellence by bringing my clients the safest new techniques and I conform to the highest standards for safety and sanitation for each procedure. I use only the highest ​quality pigment which is iron oxide free and safe for MRI’S. I believe in continuing education and I attend classes and Trade Shows to keep up on the latest technology in Micro pigmentation ​.  


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