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NON-Laser Tattoo Removal 

Less expensive than laser

About 50% - 75% less treatments than laser

Removes ALL colors


I am the only  Tattoo Vanish(R)

Technician in Tucson.

Google: www.tattoovanishmethod.comfor reviews'


requirements and


 The most important fact for you to know is that

most states do not use government agencies to 

certify or approve Permanent Makeup 

Establishments.  They are licensed to do business in the city of Tucson, Phoenix, etc., just as any other business is licensed to do business, so

that they can be properly taxed. Much of the literature can be very misleading! Cosmetologists are required to have about 900 hours of State regulated schooling just to be licensed to tend

to the beauty of your hair, skin and nails, (and

they grow back!!!)  Educate yourself about the technician and the pigments used in your skin.

You must see live models and a portfolio. A lot

of "perfect looking photos" in their portfolio can  mean a few things: 1. They copied them from

the internet, ( there are plenty of pictures that

can be copied  and pasted from Google Images.)

2. They bought them from a website such as Fotoilia. Just be cautious when you see a website with very professional photos,but the website 

seems to have been built by an amateur! (Wix, Weebly and Doodler are just some of the free website builders.)  (mine was built by an amateur...Me! I built it through Go Daddy! But if you look at my photos they are not all the same size & look like they were cropped & placed by

an amateur!If their website seems like it was made by a professional and their photos look professional then chances are they are their own photos because they had them professionally photo shopped by the website builder. Cosmetic tattooing is permanent! The technician must have

a clear understanding of color, pigment content, and most of all, must be an artist! Ask to see SEVERAL models before you make your decision. Make sure that the individual that you talk to

has had her permanent makeup for at least a

year. Many pigments turn purple or shrimp

colored after several months. Some pigments

fade away after a few months and need to be reapplied over and over. Some methods of implanting the pigment into your skin fade

faster because they are not able to get the

pigment deep enough into the skin.

Permanent makeup can be a wonderful and beautiful addition

to your busy life,if you make informed and thoughtful choices.

Correction: immediately after using "Premiere Pigments".

Eyebrow correction: Clients pink brows are a direct result of prior Technician used substandard, low cost pigment .

Lasting Impressions

Permanent Make Up, Microblade Eyebrows and Non-Laser Tattoo Removal  in Tucson 




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Color and Shape Correction of Tattooed Eyebrows


Shape Adjustment:Sometimes the shape of permanent eyebrows

or lip liner is not “terrible” yet it would look better with a few changes. In these cases, additional makeup tattooing might improve the shape, symmetry or balance of uneven permanent eyeliner or eyebrows. The tattooing necessary to correct the eyebrows or eyeliner may increase their thickness so Deanna will demonstrate

the changes first with temporary pencil. She and her patient will

then decide together on the next step to achieve the best looking results. If the extra tattooing will not look good, then some of the old pigment must be removed first before proceeding with micro pigmentation.

Uneven Eyebrow Tattoo Shape and Color Adjustment

Not all permanent makeup artists have equal training, skill, or

artistry,and when mistakes happen, the results are not so washable

If you have been disappointed by less than satisfactory results,

fading or color change, (pink, orange or grey eye brows) .Deanna

can help. She has an eye for detail and with her meticulous expertise in this field and her artistic hand she will create your new brows 

with amazing end results  and succeed where others failed 

Many women turn to permanent cosmetics for their 24/7 beauty needs; it`s easier, faster, and more long-lasting. than that runny eyeliner you used to wear. When you choose a technician that

 is not artistically inclined, has little to none training sometimes it's just, hit-and-miss results, only this time you`re left with eyebrows

that make Elvira jealous, and you can`t just wash them off!!


Incorrect Method to Repair

Permanent Makeup

Warning: Since Arizona does not regulate permanent cosmetics, there are many poorly trained and inexperienced technicians who make mistakes.

If a technician has made an error on your face,


lether “fix it” by tattooing over with flesh colored pigment.

An opaque (“cloudy”) pigment must be used to cover the darker permanent makeup. That will look unnatural because your skin will lose its translucency (transparency). Also, the pigment color may not closely match your skin tone. In addition, if you decide later to have

it removed by a laser, the laser will turn the flesh colored pigment black. The best options for repairing permanent makeup mistakes are cosmetic tattooing for color and design adjustment and/or one of the removal methods.

Methods to Remove or Lighten

Permanent Makeup
It is faster and easier to obtain a body or makeup tattoo than it is to

remove either one. Several methods are available to remove body art

tattoos and, sometimes, permanent makeup:

    Surgical Excision: A physician cuts out the tattoo and sutures

the edges of the skin back together.The skin over and around the tattoo may need to be stretched first.

Dermabrasion:The tattooed skin is "sanded" by a physician with a

special device. The top and middle layers of the skin that contain the

oldink or pigment are removed.

    Laser Technology: Pulses of light are used to break up the tattoo ink under the skin so the body's cells can "eat it up.” Results vary depending on the type of laser and wavelength of light used Laser tattoo removal is popular for removing body art, but few physicians use lasers for permanent makeup removal because of

the risks. Removing permanent eyeliner with lasers is extremely difficult and expensive. Physicians are cautious about using lasers to liner because the lips are so vascular (bleed easily). Also, they are concerned about lasers turning permanent makeup black which can occur any time a laser is used on or near the pigment.

    Saline Technique: Similar to the Salabrasion process that was

used by physicians, the saline or salt water technique uses the

scientific principles of osmosis and equalization. Saline or concentrated salt water is tattooed over the unwanted pigment or

ink to draw it up to the surface oft he skin and out of the body into

a scab. Once the scab falls off, the pigment will be gone or its color will be lighter. The treated area will be pink from the new skin that has formed. Deanna uses this method to remove permanent makeup 

l use The"Tattoo Vanish"Method in some situations.

How Long Does Saline Salt Removal Take?
Every tattoo removal method (including laser and saline) requires multiple treatments. The number of sessions depends upon the color, size, shape, 
and location of the makeup tattoo. After a procedure, the treated pigment may continue to fade for up to several months. How quickly the person’s skin heals will also be a factor in how far apart

the removal sessions can be scheduled.

Will the Saline or Tattoo Vanish Removal 

Method Cause a Scar?
Although any type of permanent makeup or tattoo removal can

cause some skin color changes or scarring, these methods have a 

low risk of creating heavy or raised scars. AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOWTHE AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS TO A "T". Usually the skin is slightly red or pink for several months. This color gradually lightens as the new skinis reformed and collagen rebuilds.