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Deanna is the only"Tattoo Vanish"® Technician in Tucson

Tattoo Vanish®

Tattoo Vanish is the ORIGINAL ALL NATURAL, NON-LASER (no

acid or chemicals) product and procedure available in the world. 

Since 2008 we have been the leader in successful tattoo removals. 

Our certified technicians can lighten or remove any unwanted tattoo.  Below are some benefits to choosing this ALL NATURAL technology over other methods of tattoo removal.


1.  The Tattoo Vanish Method has no color restriction and brings

all of the ink,regardless of color, up and out of the body and not into

your lymphatic system.

2.  The Tattoo Vanish Method requires less sessions as it removes

ALL colors with each procedure performed.  

3.  The Tattoo Vanish Method will cost less as it may not require as

many procedures.

4.  The Tattoo Vanish Method is result oriented as it “lifts” the ink

out of the body and into a controlled scab which forms through the

body’s  natural healing process.

5.  The Tattoo Vanish Method procedures are performed with a

machine similar to what was used when receiving the tattoo. 

There is far less pain as an anesthetic is used prior to and during the procedure for your comfort.

6.  The Tattoo Vanish Method is the safest medical method available,

 as it is uses an ALL NATURAL product and proven medical procedure.

7.  The Tattoo Vanish Method does not use glycolic acid or

chemicals which can cause scarring due to burns received

throughout the epidermis.  These methods can produce surface

scarring due to the “dermabrasion” process.  

Re-tattooing over the removal area can be done once the skin

has completely healed.
 Permanent makeup removal or lightening can be done in areas

where lasers cannot be used.

   Specific parts of a tattoo can be removed (e.g. a name) without affecting the rest of the design.

How Does Non-Laser Removal Work?
Special equipment is used on top of the tattooed area that is to be treated. Tattoo Vanish® is applied on top of the area for a specific amount of time and then removed. The area is cleaned and bandaged. Deanna uses topical anesthetics before and during the procedure to maintain comfort. She will provide written after care instructions for proper healing. Results happen over time with multiple treatments.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

This question is hard to answer without a “crystal ball.” There is no

way to accurately predict or guarantee how many treatments will

be needed to achieve satisfactory results. Deanna will not know the

type of ink or pigment originally used in the tattoo or permanent

makeup. Pigments and inks have different chemical formulas and

are often mixed before application. Also, there is no way to know

how deeply the ink was originally placed into the skin. In addition, skin will vary by type and thickness. The overall size of the tattoo will also be a factor . Some tattoos can be removed with one or two sessions, but others will need more treatments.

What Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

The cost will depend on the number of treatment sessions necessary to provide results satisfactory to you. That will depend on the factors mentioned above and personal opinion. You may be given an estimate at a no obligation, free consultation. Tattoo removal packages are available that can reduce overall cost.The fee starts at $85.00 the great thing about this is that you don't have to come up with all of the money on your first visit , you pay per treatment. This means you only pay for the number of treatments YOU need. Discounts for Military, Police Officers and Fire Fighters.


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According to a current worldwide investigation that included the EEC (European Economic Community) and FDA (US Food And Drug Administration), an analysis of the consistent ingredients in tattoo pigment was done and it was found that the pigment, when exposed to LASER irradiation, can cause serious health risks.  What this means is LASER tattoo removal can create unforeseen health risks
long after the tattoo removal process has been done. Currently,there is no data that can disprove the potential risk for highly undesirable systemic health effects from LASER tattoo removal, in particular the long-term effects which may contribute to specific
types of cancer. According to world renowned UCLA Professor Richard Bennett, The pigment from LASER removal settles in the lymph glands and can easily settle in other organs.”

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