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Permanent Make Up, Microblade Eyebrows and Non-Laser Tattoo Removal  in Tucson 

Before your permanent makeup procedure:

Through my years of performing permanent

cosmetic procedures, I have come to realize that taking the time to “prep” before your procedure

truly does help not only the process itself, it helps the healing process afterward. Please

follow the instructions below for what I believe,

will give you the absolute best possible outcome.

Starting 5 Days Prior to Procedure:

Take Arnica (sold at health food stores)

a homeopathic herbal supplement, 4 pills

4 times per day let it melt under your tongue.

Discontinue Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract

as well as Cayenne Pepper supplements.

Starting 3 Days Prior to Procedure:

Eat plenty of fresh (cannot be canned) pineapple.

Starting 1 Day Prior to Procedure:

If you are scheduled for a lip procedure

and have a history of cold sores, start taking

the anti-viral medication prescribed for you.

Morning of the Procedure:

If you are scheduled for a lip procedure

start taking the antibiotic prescribed for you.


If you use Latisse (or any other lash lengthening product), you must stop using Latisse for a minimum of six (6) weeks

prior to your eyeliner procedure. This also appliesto touch up and or follow up procedures.


If you have your eyelash extensions, please

try and schedule your eyeliner appointment at the

end of your lash cycle, your lashes need to be

free of any glue and eyelash extensions.



Health conditions and medications that can slow down healing or cause swelling, 

bleeding and loss  of color are:

  • Alcohol Consumption                  Scar Tissue                           High Blood Pressure
  • Allergies                                       Decongestants                     Sun Damage
  • Vitamin A & E (mega-doses)        Diabetes                                Microdermabrasion 
  • Garlic                                              Skin Disorders                       Fish Oil
  • Aspirin                                         Cold Sores                            Caffeine
  • Ibuprofen                                     Frequent Infections              Blood Thinners
  • Anti-inflammatories                    Pre-cancer

 Please discontinue mega-doses of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Garlic and all non-prescription medications (except Tylenol), five days prior to procedure. Reduce salt intake, caffeine

and discontinue ALL  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES at least 24 hours before procedure, No Pacemakers.

 Consult your doctor before:

 Discontinuing any prescribed medication(s) or before taking narcotic, prescription pain relievers, No Pacemakers. You should not drive while taking a narcotic pain reliever!

Please make sure you have a driver to take you home! 

  Eye Brow Procedure:

 Eye Brows will appear dark for 3-7 days, they will also be thicker than when healed.

Minimal redness and irritation can be expected during this time. The  eyebrow procedure

is almost painless to most clients


  If you are using Latisse or any other lash lengthening product you need to stop using 

6 weeks prior to your appointment, also any glaucoma medication, these medications

cause blood vessels to surface and this could cause a blow out. You will need to bring an

extra pair of glasses to wear after your procedure, in case you need them.  You should

also ask your Doctor for a prescription for an ophthalmic-steroid eye ointment,

for use at home, which is beneficial to reduce swelling if used immediately following this procedure.  Please, also,have ARTIFICIAL TEARS or OPHTHALMIC SALINE SOLUTION

available for home care treatment. Your eye lids will be swollen, bruised and tender after

your procedure, light sensitivity is also a side effect .Deanna will give you instructions

for aftercare. You will need to have someone drive you home, your vision will be blurry for awhile after your procedure from the numbing agent.(this could last 1-2 days

 Some clients more so than others.) if you wear contacts your eyes are more

susceptible to blurred vision because they are protected by the contacts and not used

to the elements much less the numbing agent. 

   Lip Procedures:

 If you have ever, ever had a cold sore outbreak, you still have the virus in your system!

Lip  tissue damage is an open invitation for this viral infection resulting in swelling, pain

and causing some color loss in your new lip tattoo! Please discuss obtaining anti-viral 

medication (i.e., Valtrex,  Denavir) with  your physician.  Most doctors recommend taking

the anti-viral medication for 5 days,  beginning the day before the  lip procedure. This

routine should be repeated on all follow-up  procedures. Abreva for cold sores and fever

blisters  works great, it's what I used and it healed my lips, it is fast. SWELLING is

unpredictable and varies with each individual. However, swelling is reduced substantially

for most individuals in 24-48 hours. Color is quite bright during the swollen period, but

mellows as swelling subsides. It helps to keep head elevated above heart for the first

24 hours. Lips will be more receptive to color and have less tissue damage if softened

with daily massage of VITAMIN E OIL (for two weeks or more) before each lip procedure.

Do not use Vitamin E after lip tattoo until it is completely healed. For individuals with

frequent viral outbreaks, please contact your doctor regarding a preventive  program. Numerous “Holistic” doctors are recommending Lysine.