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Permanent Makeup 

" I may not be perfect but my makeup is!"


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Lasting Impressions

Permanent Make Up, Microblade Eyebrows and Non-Laser Tattoo Removal  in Tucson 

Yelp Reviews 

Lola C.


Deanna went above and beyond to make sure that my eyebrows were PERFECT, which they are! Her artistic ability is the best touch a permanent make-up artist can have. I am beyond please with everything she did, from the consultation, her adorable artsy studio salon,  the verbal communication on the step by step process that was to be done, the application, the healing instructions, all the way to the follow up. She is definitely worth the wait! It took a couple of weeks to get in but I'm glad i waited! My experience over all would be MORE than 10 out of 10!!

Marivic F.


Deanna did a wonderful job on my top liner. She is a very busy woman so it might be awhile to get in, but it's worth it. She takes her time and makes sure that you look fabulous. She is chatty but it's helps to keep your mind off of the buzzing. The tattooing part was not so bad, as she kept numbing when it started to hurt. It really just felt like she was using a buzzing eye pencil. The soreness afterwards hurts more that the actual tattoo. And just like other tattoos on your body, they is quite a bit of after care. If you are contemplating permanent makeup, Deanna is the lady to see.

Melinda E.


Deanna has an awesome personality, to go along with her awesome skills. I had my eyebrows and liner top and bottom. I love how it looks. Great experience.

Terri L.


So happy I had it done. Very happy with the results. It was comfortable, and professionally done in her nice little office. My eyes were slightly swollen the next day. And that was to be expected.

J. W. 


Deanna is a lovely person!  The minute she answers the phone she starts giving you information on the process, what to expect, after care and everything in between.  The location is terrific (right near Savers on Broadway).  She has a really nice studio and it is clean.  I recommend visiting her website where everything you need to know is on there.  I really appreciate the numbing procedure. Deanna will numb you as much as you need. I'm so glad I did my research and got the best person for the job!

Donna F.


Deanna is a true artist who cares about her patients as well as her craft. I came in nervous about the pain I expected to feel since I was getting top and bottom eyeliner done, plus brow touch up that I had done elsewhere. I had nothing to worry about. Not only is she talented and professional, she made sure I was so numb that when she applied the eyelid, IT ACTUALLY TICKLED! It was crazy but I was not complaining. GO see Deanna Go Now!! She is the best.

Google+ Reviews 

Andrea Drake



My permanent makeup looks amazing. It stayed on beautifully even after the first one, I’m choosing a second one because I want an extreme look. I’m even going back for my lips and micro blading! Lasting impressions uses top of the line products. I’m allergic to everything and it is why I needed permanent makeup. I did not have any reactions to her products at all and why I’m choosing to go back and get things done. She’s highly skilled, qualified, and has the most training of anyone in of anyone in Southern Arizona! I’d never trust my face to anyone else.


Harmony Williams


Deanna is amazing! Had my eyeliner done over the summer when I was visiting in Arizona. She explained the whole thing as she went, she has a great personality and made me feel very relaxed! It’s very obvious Deanna loves what she does and uses are artistic ability to make sure its perfect! I hardly wear makeup now! Would highly recommend anyone considering it to go to Deanna!


Diane Durham

Eyeliner, Eyebrows, and Full Lips 

Deanna is absolutely amazing. I have been to her for all of my Permanente makeup. Eyebrows, eyeliner & lips. Full lips!!! I’m so happy with Deanna I took my sister for eyebrows and liner. My sister passes out at the sight of needles and she was so relaxed and thrilled. Thanks Deanna

Marla Clark


Pain free eyeliner 

I have wanted to get eyeliner for a long time but was worried it would hurt. So many people told me it would until I met Deanna. I made an appointment and she was right. Her method of numbing was great. It did not hurt and she did a terrific job I am so happy with my eyeliner. She is an artist. I did make sure I followed the written and verbal instructions she gave me. I have not had any problems just compliments. I would highly recommend going to Deanna for any of your permanent makeup needs.


Kelly Williams

Eyeliner and Brows

Deanna id my eyeliner and brows. What an excellent job!! She is patient, patient, patient!!! She did such a great job that I sent my friend that couldn’t wear eye makeup in for eyeliner, my 2 daughters had their eyeliner done by Deanna and my partner in business just had her lips done by Deanna. We all loved it!!! Great job Deanna!!


Sharon Tann-Roseenberg

Eyeliner and Brow 
I asked Deanna to retouch eyeliner and brow tattoos I had done in 2005. She did a beautiful job. There was a small issue with my brows. My skin did not hold the color. She was gracious and professional and worked with me to make sure they looked perfect. I would go back to her for any updates or upgrades I decided do

Roni Carver


I love my permanent eye makeup. I can just get up and go. Deanna was great, even called to follow up to see how I was doing I would recommend her to anyone and I have!


Bianca Lara


BEST WORK I HAVE EVER HAD!:) She takes her work and her passion to heart! This is by far the best experience I have had! The last person that did my eyebrows made a mess!! And Deanna fixed it all!!:) I 100% recommend lasting impressions to anyone and everyone!!:) Just like Deanna says “WAKE UP WITH MAKEUP” and tell her Bianca recommended it :) ha-ha


Victoria Conner

Everybody comments that my eyebrows look natural and says the color is perfect!! Thank you Deanna!!


Mary F

No pain eyeliner

Deanna takes pride in her work! Friendly, patient and caring. She made sure I was always comfortable during my eyeliner procedure. Very pleased with the results! Thanks Deanna, you’re great!


Jo Dunavant

WOW! Five years ago I had this done at another place and thought it was the smartest ting I had everyone… it was, until now. Deanna is AMAZING!!! My eyes look INCREDIBLE! The procedure was comfortable and Deanna was fun. Deanna prepared me long ahead of the work and made sure I was educated on my follow up. Anyone who has thought about this procedure – DO IT!!!! It pays for itself. If you are looking where – I have done the research for you – Deanna is the BEST person!!! I cannot rave enough about how happy I am to have done this with her!!


Sparkly Holly

"Happy with my eyebrows"

First off I have never had a tattoo, of any kind, but I was intrigued with the idea of having my top eyeliner and brows done. This review is based on my eyeliner procedure. Deanna is very personable. She immediately put me at ease. I am also extremely sensitive regarding my eyes. Even putting eye drops in is an ordeal for me. Deanna made sure I was comfortably numb for my eyeliner procedure, throughout the entire process. She also uses a dab of essential oils on my neck and wrists, which really helped relax me. The actual tattooing process too about 1.5 hours on me. She measured each eye repeatedly to ensure that my eyeliner was symmetrical on both eyes. The process itself felt almost ticklish form the vibrations of the equipment. Deanna continually checked on me to make sure I was conformable and reapplied numbing ointment. I am in love with the result! She was worth every penny spend, and then some!!! Highly recommended!


Aixa Tearne


My experience was wonderful! She’s got the keen artistic eye and a soft steady hand. My eye brows needed to be shaped and have some bald spots filled in, and mow my brows are symmetrical and really accent my face beautifully. Deanna’s the only one I trust now for permanent make up. I will be returning, and I will always recommend her to any who asks=]


Bonnie Gil


I have wanted permanent eyeliner for many years now, but was so nervous about trusting someone with a needle that closes to my eyeball! Who wouldn’t be, right? Anyhoo, I heard about Deanna and how impressive her work was (from my aesthetician whom I trust COMPLETELY), and decided to go for it. I am SO HAPPY I DID! I LOVE my eyeliner so much that I have already scheduled her to do my eyebrows! Not only is she a pro when it comes to her skill – probably the BEST in TUCSON – but she is lovely, funny, compassionate, and overall joy to be around, if there were 10 stars available, she would get them from me. I happily and eagerly encourage anyone considering permanent makeup to go see Deanna!


Stasha Tapia

"She corrected someone else's poor work and I love what she did"

Deanna is absolutely amazing! I am so thankful for her kindness, professionalism, and exceptional skill as an artist. I have had permanent makeup done before by someone else and was heartbroken with the result but Deanna’s tattoo vanish was a lifesaver and worked to removed errors on my liner. I am shocked to see a negative review here because my experience with tattoo vanish was wonderful. I think that individual likely did follow aftercare instructions, but Deanna provides a instruction sheet and talked me through each step so I had no issues and could not be happier with results. I went back to Deanna to het my eyebrows done and I was again impressed by how comfortable she made the procedure and her attention to detail makes her work deserving of the word “perfect”. I will be going to her for all of my permanent makeup and strongly recommend her!


Sylvia Tai

"I came over from Hawaii 

Deanna is simply amazing. Her permanent eyeliner work is amazing… she is an amazing person!  She is so great! She deserves a million stars. I have perfect mermaid eye liner because of her and she is worth every penny and some… p.s. I travel from Hawaii just get my permanent makeup done by Deanna, I won’t ever go to anyone else.


Sheila Gumm


Deanna went above and beyond to make sure that my eyebrows were PERFECT, which they are! Her artistic ability is the best touch a permanent makeup artist can have. I am beyond pleased with everything she did, from the consultation, her adorable artsy studio salon, the verbal communication on the step by step process that was to be done, the application, the healing instructions, all the way to the follow up. She is definitely worth the wait! It took a couple of weeks to get in but I’m glad I waited! My experience over all would be MORE than 10 out of 10! Wonderful experience!! I got eyeliner done by Deanna very little pain she is the best!!


Gail Naz

Eyeliner looks natural 

If you consider getting a permanent makeup, schedule an appointment with Deanna. Why her? It is an important step as it is somewhat permanent, and it is on your face. It needs to be perfect, done without rush by someone with experience, without getting infection, look natural and painless. Deanna took time to numb me, to study my face with her full of wisdom and experience eyes and gave suggestions for shape and color. The result is fabulous! I am happy, and what is also important my husband, who used to see me in the morning without make up, is very happy too. I look fresher, and have awake” face. Highly recommend Deanna!


Desiree Golden

Deanna was very receptive to my concerns and desires. She understood hot conservative I wanted the work to look and I was so happy with it, I went in to get more done! Great job!


Rosie Bringas

"It didn't hurt!!!"

Very professional and clean. Deanna is very down to earth. And above all it didn’t hurt!! Thinking of getting eyeliner too:) e your paragraph here.