Eyebrows & Eyeliner "Before"

Eyeliner "Lash Enhancements" Before

Eyeliner "Eye Lash Enhancements" After

Eyeliner "Eye Lash Enhancements" Before

Eyeliner "Eye Lash Enhancements" After

 Eyeliner  "Eye Lash Enhancements" Before

"Eye Lash "Enhancements" After

Top & Bottom Eyeliner

Eyeliner "Eye Lash Enhancements " Before

 Eyeliner "Eye Lash Enhancements" After 

Designer Eyeliner 

Eyebrows, Top & Bottom Eyeliner

A Note To The Client...

Eyebrows Before 

 Eyebrows"Immediately" After 

 Immediately After (pigment will be dark for a week)

  Deanna...At Work! 

Eyebrows Before

 Eyebrows Immediately After

 Eyebrows Before 

 Eyelash Enhancements: A great way to give the appearance of fuller and thicker eyelashes, also opens eyes and makes them appear brighter. This is also for women who don't like the look of eyeliner but look bare without it, it is also great for women who have little or no eyelashes. ​The pigment is added in the lash line and between lashes to give a more natural look ( this is not drawing lashes on the skin).

Eyeliner: Applied like typical eyeliner along the top of the lashes or also as a lash enhancement, this is done on the top or bottom of the eye or both. You can add more liner when necessary in order to give your eyes a more dramatic look,( when you're going on an evening out. The line can be solid, smudgy or a combination. 

Designer Eyeliner: The "Designer​ Eyeliner" creates the illusion of open eyes which lifts the eyelid and creates brighter eyes. It truly gives the face a sensual, sultry look. It begins at the inner eye with a very fine line, as it gets longer the line becomes slightly thicker. Another choice would be to add another color above the 1st line. this is a two step process.

Eyebrows After 1st procedure, (needs touch up)

 Eyebrows Final 

  I use different pictures here to give you an Idea of which eyeliner design you would like. Please remember that every Clients is an individual, from the shape of their face to the shape of the brow they choose. Skin tone and hair color is unique, so your pigment color will be unique. We all have individual taste.. We schedule a consultation to discuss your procedure. I am confident you will be happy when you leave.  Please remember your permanent makeup will be up to 3 times darker, while it's healing it takes a week to heal and a bit longer before the true color shows through, you can still go about your day as usual, there is really no down time.

 Sparse Eyebrows Before 

Eyebrows Before 

"Wake Up With Make Up".. Every Day !

Eyebrows Final 

 After Correction 

Eyebrows Immediately After 

Eyeliner Designs
Permanent Makeup
" The Eyebrows"

Our "eyes are the window to the soul",  therefore every window needs a beautiful frame. A beautiful picture without a frame looks bare. When others talk to us the first thing they look at is our face and having  no eyebrows washes us out...worse yet it adds years to our face!  The wonderful thing about eyebrow tattooing is that it can correct flawed eyebrows, shape brows that are not to your liking, makes hairless brows appear to have hair, accentuate the eyes and face. Having your eyebrows tattooed puts an end to having to draw them on every single day! Being a Permanent Makeup Artist with an artistic eye, I am able to create your permanent brows for a beautiful frame to embellish your face. This  is what makes it so worth coming to work every single day.

Permanent Brows

I spend at least 30 minutes measuring and drawing the brow design

 before I start the tattoo procedure. Eyebrow shaping  requires artistry

and the ability to create a natural brow look. Individual strokes give

the illusion of real brow hairs, but not a all technicians use

this method, Choose your technician carefully. Eyebrow tattoos can replace, enhance and reshape your natural brow line. What a blessing it

is to sleep, work, swim, shower and awaken with beautiful brows! Being

in this Profession I have changed the lives of every single person who came to  me for Permanent Makeup, I literally took years off their faces! They spent hours every day applying and re-applying their eyebrows only to smudge off and every morning they have to get up and do it all over again.




"They frame our face"...



 Final Picture of Eyebrows

Cranberry Creme

Our Lips tell a lot about us, they truly show our emotions. The Lips make us look young, sensual, sophisticated and sexy.... Thin, pale, colorless lips make us look washed out, lifeless and "old". Women spend endless hours painting & lining their lips and thousands of dollars plumping their lips with fillers to create the perfect lips. After all that still we feel our lips are too thin, colorless or unsymmetrical. Wouldn't it be fabulous to have colorful, plump, healthy and beautiful lips all day long ...even after eating and drinking ! Permanent Lip liner and Full Lip Procedure is the answer to all these problems. With a lip

procedure I can create the lips you have always dreamed of ! Beautiful natural looking lips are created by adding natural lip color and creating a lip line where its needed. You can achieve the fullness and definition where you need it Facial lines around the mouth are camouflaged and no more bleeding lipstick. Finally a beautiful smile...

Lasting Impressions

Permanent Make Up, Microblade Eyebrows and Non-Laser Tattoo Removal  in Tucson 

Blended Lips

Eyebrows And Eyeliner

Eye Brows "Before"

Raspberry Cream Lips 

Eyebrows & Eyeliner "After"

"Immediately After"

Terra Mauve



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Eyebrows Before And After 

* The addition of color to "frame these clients faces" woke up their eyes and took years off their faces!"


The #1 complaint from women is that the "eyeliner smears and disappears." Permanent ​Eyeliner never stays put. It enhances the shape of your eyes and makes your eyes"POP" .Eyeliner can be applied in many different styles. Some women like drama, others like a natural lash enhancement. Many leave it up to me due to my many years of experience.

I spend time with every client discussing their own desires and needs. With the numbing technique I use, the procedure has very little discomfort;"it tickles", some clients will say. Swelling and discomfort after the procedure is normal. A few days later an exfoliation takes place showing a softer color. A touch up appointment will be required in approximately 6 weeks.

Above is my first client years ago, it was at that moment I knew I

had found my purpose! I took years off her face and I changed her life !

Nude ( Natural Color)

Beautiful Lips


Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Vanish(R)

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Less expensive

50%-75% Less Treatments Than Laser

Less Pain


and IT REALLY WORKS! I am the only Tattoo Vanish(R) Technician in Tucson. 


Before Correction

"Wake Up With Make Up".. Every Day !!

Eyebrows Before