Important Advice
Lasting Impressions Permanent Makeup is

NOT the place for “bargain permanent makeup.”

Permanent makeup is an investment in your looks

and your health. Although color is semi-permanent

(it fades with time), a bad makeup tattoo is

permanent until it is removed--if it CAN be. Do you really want to pay the lowest price for something permanent on your FACE? And how much is your health worth to you? Cosmetic tattooing can

change your life if you get a disease like Hepatitis. Micro-pigmentation specialists own legitimate businesses. As dedicated professionals, they take

time to create beauty, use anesthetics properly to avoid pain, and disinfect correctly to prevent

disease transmission.

You CAN enjoy permanent makeup without

regrets if you choose a true,Certified Professional instead of low prices. Aren’t you worth spending enough for quality and safety?

A consultation for permanent makeup is recommended but not required. Consultations

are required for medical tattooing or permanent makeup re-coloring/correction.

More than one person may attend a consultation

at the same time. I ask for at least 24 hours notice

to cancel or reschedule a consultation.

Lasting Impressions

Permanent Make Up, Microblade Eyebrows and Non-Laser Tattoo Removal  in Tucson 



Deanna is a well-trained, experienced Permanent Makeup Artist who is both an artist and has the skill to perform all procedures with exquisite results. She is knowledgeable and compliant with sterile, clean techniques and adheres to medical standards. Deanna says she never works a day in her life since discovering her unique artistic talent of applying Permanent Makeup, “ My clients say

 I have not only changed their lives, I have taken years off their face", this makes my job that much      more rewarding.


The use of low quality permanent makeup pigments gives less than satisfactory results. Satisfied clients and attractive results are extremely important to Deanna this is why she exclusively uses Premiere Pigments. Premiere uses inert organic and some inorganic powders in the formulas. Many of the powders are FD&C or D&C approved.

 Premiere Pigments are known for their longevity, stability and they stay

true to color. Have you ever seen someone with pink eyebrows or purple

lips? When pigment with iron oxide base is implanted in the lips or brows

it will sometimes disappear in a few days or worse turn pink or purple in

a few months. “The reason iron oxide browns turn to pink is due to a

reduction reaction.

Iron oxide based pigments are less expensive and other technicians use

them but as we all know,”you get what you pay for” and you don’t want to

cut costs when something is "permanent", especially when its on your face!  

Any technician performing procedures with iron oxide based pigments is doing a disservice to themselves as well as their client. The client is paying for a procedure that will not last and the technician is wasting time doing repeated touch-ups. Initially you may be getting it cheap, but you are

paying more in the long run. 

Premiere Pigments have been developed after years of research. The pigments set the standard for quality pigments for the industry. They have been proven to be safe, long lasting and fade resistant Millions of individuals have safely undergone magnetic resonance imaging and CAT scans without burns or false images. “The pigments that react during an MRI are all

iron oxides”.

One significant difference is they limit the use of iron oxides and other ingredients that are known to fade and change colors. The use of Iron 

Oxides in permanent cosmetics may only be due to its extremely low cost

and its approval by the FDA for use in foods, drugs and conventional cosmetics; allowing unscrupulous manufacturers just enough legal license

to deceive the public into believing that their products are approved for

use under the skin.  

Other manufacturers initiated a study through the FDA as to the safety of Premiere Pigments. After 7 years of exhaustive studies, The FDA has finally released this manufacturer from its study. This study is finally over, finding

no fault with these amazing, stable organic pigments. No other product, in use today, has been investigated by this board. That speaks volumes for Premiere Pigments.

Permanent makeup results can be noticeable (much like after applying traditional makeup) or less noticeable, depending upon the design, color value and the amount of pigment used. At first, results may look harsh

or dark, but this is due to the color remaining on the outermost

epidermal of the skin.

The color will soften within a few days during the healing process as the upper layers of the epidermis slough and is replaced by new cells. The

best possible color results are realized by Premiere Pigments, but they

will ultimately begin to fade over time People seldom get tattoos with the expectation that they will want to remove them someday; but situations change, tattoos become blurry or fade, and sometimes a tattoo no longer

fits your personality or lifestyle.